Takk for mat is what all beautiful people of Norway say when or after they are served food. It simply means thank you for the food. 

Through my reviews and entries, I wish to say takk for mat! thank you for feeding me.

for lack of a better organization, this is where it all goes for now



  • entries (mostly unedited or even reread) about all things regarding a new life in Oslo, with food as a solid recurring character. my thoughts on brunøst here.


  • restaurant reviews- all honest options about my cherished experiences eating out, Oslo and elsewhere.


  • illustrations as the starting points to my thoughts on a restaurant, idea for a recipe or food daydreams- a personal first translation of food to paper, or paper to food.

        illustrations linking to published articles can be found here too.


  • notes on living in this socially democratic expensive country, without giving up the luxury of three meals a day and the occasional meal out and about. Recently discovering where to buy cheap tahini by the bulk, might help someone else… 


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